Booking an Appointment

Please telephone: 0191 567 9361, or present in person at reception for an appointment. You will be sent a reminder text message the day before your appointment via the MJOG messaging service. 

Patients who require a routine appointment or want to see a particular doctor – can ring and book an appointment up to a maximum of one week in advance.

These appointments are opened up each day at 8.00 availability depends entirely on demand. Appointments for the practice nurse or district nurse can be booked well in advance.

You may consult any of the doctors in the practice but it is in your best interest to stay with one doctor for each period of illness.

It is important that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend for your appointment so that it can be made available for someone else.

The appointment system is organised to see patients at their appointed time; delays can occur (due to emergency visits etc) please be patient, the staff will try to keep you informed where possible.

If you want two people to be seen at the same time, you must book two appointments.

Please Note: Patients who fail to attend their appointments and waste the time of our clinical staff cause delays for other patients who ‘need to be seen’.

We regularly monitor our appointment system for attendance rates, patients who persistently fail to attend their appointments will be asked to register with another practice.

Patients must not attend surgery without an appointment and expect to be seen by a doctor.

Making the most of your appointment – How you can help

Make notes of any questions or concerns you might have before your appointment so you can make sure you inform the doctor of all relevant details.

Wear loose clothing to make it easier for you to have your blood pressure checked. Chest examination or feet examined, etc.

If you are concerned about not understanding or remembering something from your appointment you can bring someone with you – someone with whom you are happy to share your medical information.

Feel free to ask questions. Ask doctor or nurse to explain or write it down if it is not clear what you are being told.

Be direct. You may have a problem that is embarrassing or difficult for you to talk about. Do not leave it till the end. Remember these problems are probably common to your doctor.

If you are prescribed medication, be sure you are happy as to why it has been prescribed, how it works and how long you have to take it. You can also ask the pharmacist about your medication queries.

If you taking any medication please bring them with you. Bring with you any other medications you are taking not prescribed by your doctor, such as from health food shops, etc.