Triage Appointments

When you are given a ‘Triage appointment’, you can not specify which doctor you want to see. This is because it will depend who is on duty at any given time.

A member of the admin team will need to take your details – this will include a contact telephone number (land-line preferred), and the reason you need to be seen urgently or require a house visit. A doctor will either speak to you directly or return your call as soon as possible. The doctor will discuss the problem with you and identify what is required.

The Doctor will decide if the ‘medical emergency’ requires a further appointment for the same day, 24hrs or routine depending on the urgency. He may be able to provide care by phone with no need for face-to-face contact, arrange for you to be seen by another healthcare professional or arrange for you to have tests.

Telephone Appointments

We recognise that not everyone needs to see a doctor and at times instead of a visit to the surgery it may be possible that a consultation by yourself over the telephone may be a better way of dealing with your problem. The receptionist will talk you through the process if they feel that a telephone consultation may be better for you.

What are the benefits for patients?

  • Consult with the GP sooner – that day by phone
  • See the GP sooner when appropriate
  • Have more time with the GP when they need it
  • Save time by avoiding unnecessary appointments GP has time to provide the right levels of support