Our Patient Participation Group


Are you interested in finding out more about Villette Surgery?

Would you like to influence the development of its services?

Villette Surgery is keen to set up a Virtual Patient Participation Group (PPG), which will allow us to establish your views and your opinions on the Practice. 

We aim to gather patients from as broad a spectrum as possible to get a truly representative sample.  We need your people, workers, retirees, people with long term conditions and people from non-British ethnic groups.

We are also seeking individuals who wish to become part of the ‘virtual’ Patient Representative Group (PRG).

What is the purpose of having a PPG and PRG?

The purpose of the PPG is to provide you (patients of Villette Surgery) with an opportunity to be involved in how your GP Practice is run and for your views/opinions to be heard.

The PRG will be consulted on a regular basis and will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on patients’ views to develop a survey.  As a representative of all Villette Surgery registered patients members of the PRG will have the opportunity to review the action plan derived from the survey and help implement the change(s) prior to publication.

What are the benefits of a PPG?

  • patients will be able to get an idea of what is needed to improve healthcare and make sure that the patients view is always represented.

Good for patients because

  • patients will benefit from improved communications with staff
  • patients will have a forum to suggest positive ideas.

Patient Participation is not

  • a forum for complaints

If you are happy for us to contact you periodically by email, please complete this form. This information will help us to make sure that we try to speak to a representative sample of the patients that are registered at this practice.

Please click on links below to view Patient Participation Reports

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Patient Survey

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PRG 2014/2015

Please note that the Villette Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG) has no link to the provisions of any clinical services. 

The contact details provided are purely for the purpose of registering to receive e-mail updates regarding the PPG, enquiring about the Patient Representative Group (PRG) and suggesting survey themes.